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Change log
16.02.21 Bug CSC - Trade volume - Fix missing array index issue
13.01.21 Bug CSC - Market history - Only 2020 data was displayed
26.11.20 Req. CSC - Crafting calculator - Create first draft
26.11.20 Req. CSC - Ship info - Redesign and attach to API source
10.11.20 Bug CSC - Fatal error mysqli_real_() when filtering Game_Changes page
17.10.20 Req. CSC - Show trading profits
16.10.20 Req. CSC - Supporter status explanation page
14.10.20 Bug CSC - GFC2GRP calculator division by zero
11.10.20 Bug CSC - Refining Calculator - Page title not set
07.10.20 Req. CSC - Refining Calculator - Link to market history
07.10.20 Req. CSC - Market history - Add orderbook informations
28.09.20 Req. CSC - Calculate daily the 7d average prices
28.09.20 Req. CSC - Calculate the GRP to GFC conversion rate daily
28.09.20 Bug CSC - Empty name in official API return
21.09.20 Req. CSC - New page showing the GRP/GFC conversion rate
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Database statistics
Data typeRows
Activity log entries191.885
Attribute types329
Game changes28.216
Game items3.843
Industry jobs1.396
Manufacturing recipies1.115
Market history31.054.779
OS market actors858
OS market transactions6.552
Refining recipies375
Registered users488
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This site provides tools for the Blockchain MMO "Crypto Space Commander". If the site sparks interest for the game, feel free to use my referral link to support the page.

Since Lucid Sight hasn't release an API yet, these tools rely on static data from the game and the official website. The website is known to have errors in the data displayed and thus these can also creep into the data used in the tools provided here. APIs are supposed to become available within the next weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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As a blockchain game you can trade ingame assets for crypto currency. One market for this is OpenSea and this website is using the API of OpenSea to gather informations on items sold and thus appropriate prices.

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If you want to motivate me to keep expanding this site or just want to say "Thank you", feel free to become a Patreon or send me an ETH tip on 0x88d972B6fc4Dd3F075B5C27B601148db83d34532.
Even without I'm always keen on getting feedback, thus don't hold back!

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