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Market orders (Example!)
Character Type Item name TL Category Price Currency State Order ID Added Source  
Dummy user Sell Trilite Resource 1495 GRP Active OBe7b40e95d08d478ba65e745b5f2e5d5b 06.07.2020 09:22 API
Dummy user Sell Lucinite Resource 223 GRP Active OB8504c34c5cd645888be482e2c84ae6c4 04.07.2020 07:49 API
Dummy user Sell Biohexium Gas Component 32 GRP Old OB15f78cd0614744fe96d7af9c43b4edbf 02.07.2020 22:49 User Delete
Dummy user Sell Silver Resource 12 GRP Old OB04961ccd052b4ef59db15d2f9911b60d 02.07.2020 17:33 User Delete
Dummy user Sell Titanium Resource 385 GRP Active OB90e35f66cd1f45ab957b26d348239bdf 06.07.2020 09:27 API
Dummy user Sell Pyrite Resource 49 GRP Active OBf6cd050e8bd84e71a67b68b36001d8ef 06.07.2020 09:24 API
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