GalaxyControl <DEV>    Crypto Space Commander - Recent OpenSea Sales   v0.1
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DEV is work in progress, thus stuff may be slow, broken or have strange messages.
Ships and modules from Crypto Space Commanders sold for CryptoCurrency and thus real value.
Data is gathered every 6 hours from the OpenSea API. Since the main reason to gather the data is to track prices only non-bundled sales are processed.
Transaction Owner Asset Price
Time ID Old owner New owner Icon Asset Tech Currency Price Dollar value
17.01.2020 03:58 13953412 9bcc5d06 nurD Microbot V0.4 Repair Flux T1 ETH 0,019 3,1
02.01.2020 19:37 13310370 TheEtherist 822bac56 Microbot V0.4 Repair Flux T1 WETH 0,050 6,4
13.12.2019 19:56 12634125 SpaceDust BlackKettle Microbot V0.4 Repair Flux T1 ETH 0,008 1,0
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